Old school Japanese video game music web series

It’s a bit off-topic but in case you missed it Red Bull Music Academy has recently released a bunch of videos dealing with some of the “unsung heroes” of the 80’s and 90’s : Japanese composers/engineers involved in the development of chip music for video games. I think its pretty great.

Trailer :

Thanks for sharing. I don’t keep up with Redbull. I was able to put the names to games, but now I put faces to those names. I really hope the chiptune artists get into some of the technical details. I also hope the focus is more on them than the reactions people have to them.

I am always a bit weary of these kinds of mass-appeal documentaries and what they could do to the cost of chiptune gear - or gear in general. Best case scenario, the gear becomes more popular so it will be more widely available.

They throw a bit of technical discussion but as you pointed out there is also the “western artists reacting to the music” part which is really boring…

>“americans reacting to the music”

I believe you mean “producers who sample the chiptunes without crediting the original” :wink:
It has happened more than once.

Still, nice find. The Red Bull MA stuff is mostly decent, hope this will be ok as well. :slight_smile:

Some amazing stuff in there. I never knew SEGA sounded almost Detroit-ish?

Very nice series so far. Learning about the faces behind those tunes is awesome. Looking forward to seeing the next episodes. Thanks!