Okay to use EARS for distortion?


I was wondering whether it is okay to overdrive EARS and use it as distortion effect (i.e. clipping) on euro-level signals?
I’m a bit afraid that running it too hot might cause harm to the circuits. Any thought/information is greatly appreciated …

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Don’t be afraid. Really. A module that is harmed just by dialling a specific setting? That would be terribly bad design.

Also: don’t be afraid to patch any signal coming from a Eurorack system into the inputs of any of my modules.


Was hoping this would be the case. :slight_smile:

Strangely, it never occurred to me to use EARS for distortion, only tonight … opens a whole lot of timbral possibilities within a small setup … thank you Olivier!

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Never occurred to me as well, but I’ll have to try that. Usually Olivier’s circuits can be overdriven nicely. Veils also makes a really good sounding overdrive in my opinion!


Just tried it.
Me and rings are starting a heavy metal band.