OK mr. श्रुथि-१ / स्मृति-१, lets hear it

You have to do better than a blurry pic :stuck_out_tongue:

Hoping it’s the descendant of the newly discontinued shruti 1. Got my fingers crossed :>)
Still hoping to get a mutable

Yes, it’s what will take the seat left empty by the Shruti-1…

nice pictures.

Well, I just got the Shruti today and just as I’m clearing it off my wishlist something else takes its place.
?? ?? polyphonic.

Monophonic - it’s more a replacement for the Shruti-1 than a radically new thing…

Will the pricing be similar to that of shruti-1?


Would the new control board be compatible with the shurti-1? I like the layout…

No, I’ve decided to stop using serial-enabled LCDs as they are too expensive and non standard…

Also, the functional organization of the boards is different from the Shruti-1

so a different uC also I take it?

Yep, I’m switching to PIC!

Just kidding.

Man, what is with all the Microchip hate? Is Atmel like the Apple of micro controllers or something?

Well actually, their dsPIC series looks quite cool - still through hole, but much more powerful than AVR and supporting faster clocks - with those guys I could probably render everything including the filter in software and I wouldn’t have to scratch my head looking at fairly simple analog electronics problems… But then I could continue on the “all software” road down to iPad apps, which would be sad.

The real thing I don’t like about PIC is that the architecture is convoluted enough not to have a standard gcc toolchain, and to me this sounds like an absolutely huge “No entry” sign. I really love working with gcc and binutils…

Really? I’m no programmer but have worked with PIC plenty with my midibox projects and the coding/tools we use there are all open source, C based (SDCC) and cross platform (MSYS and GPUtils) and seemed straight forward enough considering all the 8 bit stuff used there across several different PICs. Now that the whole MBHP thing is transitioning to a 32bit ARM, the PIC days are definitely numbered though… I still like them, cant beat the midi bus powered PIC12 midi to sync24 converter with like 6 parts…

I don’t doubt that these are good tools, but since in my main job I mostly write code using gcc, there’s a less important “context switch” cost when moving from one to the other. And also: while this is an anomaly in the embedded world, I feel much more productive and serene when writing code in C++.

Wow! My analog classic VCF/VCA seems to work. At least on the scope. I’ll try to record samples in the next days…

sweet! Analog classic…I’m guessing moog filter, but I’m hoping lowpass gate VCF + VCA.

I don’t know a lot about programming and microchips… but it sounds really interesting nonetheless and I think my Shruti will feel a bit alone if I don’t add this second device to my setup :slight_smile:
I’m wondering… doesn’t Curtis still produce analogue filter chips? Where do all the analogue synth manufacturers get their chips from?