Ok, if you do not know it, then probably nobody know it

shiftr, if you look further up the post, that is the aim, the problem is that the OctaTrack must be the master MIDI clock and Ableton is not working well as a slave.

defenestration, yes, I too was confused for example by how altitude made the midi mod in the monotribe with trs out.
thanks for the explanation, expert sleeper is too complicated for me, I prefer innerclock for my needs. also, it seems that I would end by paying the same money.
so, the software itself, silent way, with a normal audio interface is useless, right? I will have soon a theremin with midi in\\out and cv out. could work with silent way?

dunk, the guy of the video is 99% sure David of innerclock, he invented and sells those syncing devices.
I wrote to him email.

shiftr, ableton is wonderful for that, yes, but correct me if I’m wrong, it cannot timestretch a loop in real time.
I just wanted to have the best of both worlds.

anyway. the last word is not yet said.
games are open. I do not surrender yet :slight_smile:

why don’t you just get a proper MIDI Interface first, to distribute your Load to different Ports? Get an Interface with sufficient Ports that you have each of your Machines on a Dedicated OUT - this will help a lot if not just one single Stream will have to carry the load of Note On/Offs AND Modulations.

Frank I was asking you info about the GM5x5x5 and you did not answer, prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :stuck_out_tongue:
Or you have other suggestion for midi interfaces with many midi in/outs and low latency etc?
But anyway I have a concern about this: if the Master is the OT, how can I send midi clock to all my gears if I divide the chain?
Or can I for example connect the OT to one of the 5 midi in of the GM5x5x5, and the midi clock will be automatically sent to the other 4 (or 5?) midi outs?

one big thing that confuses people about MIDI interconnects is that even though it uses a 5pin DIN connector there is only one pin that carries signal so a tip-sleeve interconnect is sufficient to transmit a MIDI signal - my understanding is that they decided to use 5pin DIN so people wouldn’t confuse them for audio ports or something like that

you may be able to achieve acceptable performance with a PCI or PCI-E soundcard that supports MIDI. Some firewire cards are also supposed to be pretty good (well-written drivers are very crucial here) - I would be looking at MOTU for the Mac platform and RME for PC. time sensitive MIDI input to my DAW from external controllers is handled by an RME multiface using a PCI host card although this thread is making me think about looking into a CV-MIDI solution (handled by silent way of course) for implementing a ‘to-the-sample synced control surface’

@Mr53rg10 Ableton is all about realtime timestretching… There are 2 obvious ways to use ableton as a looper. One is with the looper plugin. The other is with the clip record function in the session window. If you use the later you can do realtime timestretching with the clips set in warp mode.


I was thinking of something like this with a dedicated Port for each of your Piece of gear. You should be able (although i don’t know for shire) to route the MIDI Clock Information to wherever you like, so your OT can be the Master for every Piece of Gear.

Nice one.
May I ask you why you prefer it in this case to the GM5x5x5?
I had undersstood that the GM has super good midi timings.
Or maybe it cannot route the midi clock from OT to each out?

you can route the midi on the computer side to the different outs. the ins too. this thing just transports it.

I havent tested the GM5 (although i ordered a whole bunch…), for the MOTU i can say it works perfect in a Friends setup and i have heard nothing really bad about MOTU gear in the last 30 Years . The price of it seems also be fair to me considering its in a nice 19" Enclosure which i always prefer because my gear hardly leaves the Space i call my Studio - if it would it’d be in a nice rugged Case.

i have the motu… i can tell a lot of bad things about the motu gear though… not this one but my 828mk2 wasn’t a good investment and i ve seen problems with others as well…

Audio, MIDI or “Im trying to Sync to something” Problems? Want to get rid of it? :wink:

Motu works OK on Mac, their Windows drivers have been found somewhat lacking. RME are solid under Windows, so it’s definitely a question of priorities and experience of the people on the inside dev and product teams.

The GM5 is a very low latency MIDI interface. Period. It doesn’t do MIDI patchbay functions, clock distribution, reclocking and syncing. It just happily does it’s thing and does it well.

the motu midi express is ok… Though all the routing is done in the computer in th Daw not in the box. On the 828 one of the mic pre gave up after a year… it was probably under warranty at the time but that ment sending it to the US and not see it back for a month or 2… after 2 years the display light broke… there are some small bulbs in there not leds.
i ve been using the rme Uc a lot and that one is really great… much better build quality and way better sound… only it wasn’t mine and i had to give it back a month ago… want to have one again but can’t afford it at the moment…
the 828 is great with silent sleepers though… you can’t put dc voltage on a rme…

Jojjelito: “The GM5 is a very low latency MIDI interface. Period. It doesn’t do MIDI patchbay functions, clock distribution, reclocking and syncing.”

rosch: you can route the midi on the computer side to the different outs. the ins too. this thing just transports

So, are you saying different things or Jojjelito says that the GM5 can’t route and rosch says “yes but you can route in the PC via sftware” or something like that?

@fdc72: Mmm, did you order the normal or the 5x5x5 one?
I did not understand if they just sell the chip (and you have to buy somewehere the board and the other components) or if they sell the complete kit…

@shiftr: the fact that the routing of the midi express is made in the daw means that it is has got more latency?
I was having a look to the site, it looks like that the 128 xt and the micro express can route internally.

Mmm,what about this ?
Seems to do excactly what I want. Specialized in routing the midi clock, with other possibilities.
No idea how to order and what comes with the order.
Damn, the midibox site is a labirynth.

What you have said about the OT means that it cannot be used as a slave, which means would still have the same problem even if you used this clock.

If you decide you do want an external clock you would be best off using Live, and look into trying something like

Midisport 8 on Ebay UK

Or a smaller version if this is expensive.

Then connect everything into your PC and then patch everything up in Live.

Well some people have made really good experiences with Motu, others had only problems. Generally it seems that on Windows they tend to be a pain, but then firewire based interfaces often are problematic on windows. Since my plans to ditch the computer have failed, I’m currently saving to get a Motu ultralite… :slight_smile:

@Dunk: supposedly the gm5 or the motu should receive the clock from the OT and distribuite it to the other gears. So, I could avoid long chains = better timing.
Especially the GM5 could reduce the problem with ableton by improving the latency.

@Mr53rg10: What I said was that the GM5 itself does not do any routing-type of processing. What Rosch said was that you can do that inside the host-PC/Mac should you need to. If you need that capability inside the interface itself you’d better look elsewhere.

The MIDI master clock is made of 3 PCBs that you can get at SmashTV or Mike’s You have to order boards, PIC programmed with bootloader unless you have a PIC programmer, plus parts and enclosure yourself.