Ok guys,

I’ve built other kits and made my own oscillators and little toys, but never tried to program microprocessors for use in these circuits. It’s completely new to me. I have some basic questions.

I’m running OSX 10.6.4 on an iMac Intel Core i3 and I’ve downloaded:

-Xcode and iOS SDK
-Arduino Alpha 0021
-Numpy 1.5.0
-Python 2.7
-All files from http://github.com/pichenettes/shruthi-1

and I have an AVR mkII. Frankly I’m lost, but I really want to learn this stuff. I’m just a bit overwhelmed by vocabulary. I’m starting from blank chips I ordered from digikey.

2. Edit the base.mk file (extended by all makefiles) to change the path (AVR_TOOLS_PATH / AVR_ETC_PATH) to the directory containing the AVR toolchain.

(I’ve found the base.mk file. How should I change the “path”? What program allows me to edit the file?)

3. In the same file, change PROGRAMMER to the reference of your ISP programmer. (Where do I find the reference for the mkII?

4. Build the resources: make resources. Pre-compiled resource files (resources.cc, resources.h) are already bundled with the source code, so if you don’t modify the Python resources file, you don’t need this step.)

5. Build the firmware: make.

Thanks for any help. Sorry if these seem like basic questions, but if anyone needs help with their biology homework or help with their protein related labwork, give me a ring lol.

2: don’t you have any text editor installed on your Mac? A nice free editor: Fraise . I mostly work with MacVim, but I do not recommend it for beginners. When you install the Arduino tools, the toolchain binaries are located in: /Applications/Arduino.app/Contents/Resources/Java/hardware/tools/avr/bin (that’s for AVR_TOOLS_PATH) and the config files are in /Applications/Arduino.app/Contents/Resources/Java/hardware/tools/avr/etc (AVR_ETC_PATH)

3: It’s already configured for the AVR ISP mkII

Note that if you start from blank chips, the very first thing to do is not to build the firmware but to set the fuses.

Ok I’m running into some problems. When resetting the fuses in terminal, I type “make -f hardware/bootloader/makefile fuses”. The output looks the same as the firmware instructions page until it gets to the efuse. At this point it says that the writing fails. but the next line says that 1 byte was written. Here’s a screenshot.


Using the sck 1 command in avrdude seems to work, but when I want to use “upload_all”, I get an error like "no rule to make target… needed by ‘upload_all’. STOP.

Thanks for the help

I’ve never seen this message when writing the fuses, but I think it looks ok.

Try building the bootloader before doing the upload. No need to build the Shruthi-1 code because the root makefile includes the makefile for the Shruthi-1 firmware:

make -f hardware/bootloader/makefile


make upload_all

Building the bootloader before doing the upload took care of the efuse fail for some reason. I’m not sure why. Could be unrelated, but I haven’t seen it when resetting fuses. I was still having trouble so I examined all the makefiles and found that one had AVR_TOOLS_PATH and AVR_ETC_PATH set to use Crosspack, but I had changed the base.mk to the point to the config files mentioned above. I changed it, followed the instructions on the firmware page and I was hearing sound! Thank you for all the help, pichenettes. It’s a great kit, and I learned a lot about so many new things.

I do have another AVRISP related question. Is something wrong, given my output, with my programmer?

Here is a screenshot of the output. Thanks.

I have never seen this message before, and I am not sure what it means. You’d probably be better asking the guys on AVRfreaks.