OG Tides Freeze Function

If using the ‘Freeze’ input of my Tides in osc mode it cut the audio. I thought it was supposed to work like a T&H. Gate freeze current voltage output when high. In the other modes it works this way…am I doing it wrong?

When the gate is high the output voltage no longer changes and remains at its previous value (frequency becomes 0 Hz).

At audio rate this halts the oscillations. Why do you find this abnormal?

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I thought that if the output voltage is frozen then it would maintain the current state of the output, based on whatever frequency was present. That’s how it works for lfos.

Halting the output seems more like a stop than a freeze to me, if it takes the output to 0.

Thanks for clearing that up.

Looks like you’re mixing up frequency and voltage!

I guarantee you that if you send an oscillator through a T&H, it will stop making sound while it’s in the “hold” position. Here, holding means holding the voltage to a constant level, not freezing the audio in a buffer and keeping it oscillating like Clouds would do…

But that’s what it does… It maintains the voltage at the output to a constant level. A constant voltage (even non-zero) is not perceived as a tone.

The frequency of the output drops to zero. Not the voltage – if you observe it with an oscilloscope, you see that there are non-null plateaus in the waveform.

Think of it in terms of signal flow…

What you seem to request is a T&H on the output in LFO mode, but on the V/O input in audio mode.

In Tides, the FREEZE is a T&H that is applied consistently on the output, in all modes.


That makes way more sense now. Thanks for clearing that up. I see the difference now.