Offtopic(TM): need advice about DAW

can anybody recommend a DAW, or Host for plugins? open source preferrable, running either on XP or Win8. ah yes, and idiot proof hehe.
i need some kind of host to finally finally try izotope’s s-s-s-s-stutter edit and i have NO clue at all about the whole VST thing.
maybe some good tip or things to look for?
thanks in advance


Windows OS narrows list down as you do not have too much open source choices.

If your interest is just hosting the plugin not full fledged DAW

I will suggest this free VST host


For full fledged DAW

Reaper has fair price policy

or old friend FL Studio ( formery Fruity loops) can be used free ( does not allow saving projects )

or go bigger and get Ableton 30 day free

I’ve been running Reaper for some time and found it a great DAW. You can use it for free for evaluation purposes as long as you want, and if you decide to buy a license it’s just 60€ (or something like that). I still use reaper for multitrack stuff and for more complex midi composition things (where ableton falls a bit short). It’s not open source but they have a really open business model and they totally listen to the users.
I’ve tried all the free and almost free DAWs on the market before settling with Reaper and to me it was the best. Will need a bit of learning though, if you’ve never used such a software before.

thanks guys, i gonna give reaper a try. i had it installed when i first tried to update firmware via midi but couldn’t make any sense of it back then. then C6 came to rescue.

Hi Rosch,
as far as I know you are from Germany, so you might want to give Cubase a try. There is currently a special edition of Keys magazine available which has a version of Cubase 6.5 LE included.
You also find special editions, but still very usefull versions of other DAWs (like Samplitude, Studio One) in other magazines from time to time.

Highly reccommend Reaper as well. And stutter edit is great fun for glitchy madness in a live performance.

yeah i actually need it only for stutter edit. do you have s.e.?

why not just dig up a standalone VST host? there are some freeware ones out there but I have not used any; there are also commercial solutions

well to be honest i have no idea what’s better. i’ve never used anything like that.
actually it doesn’t have to be for free, but open source is a nice concept, free or not. but obviously it would be good to be able to try it for free, like stutter edit, to see how it works.
idk if an integrated sequencer is necessary (s.e. uses tempo to sync the stutter, so some kind of clock is required i guess).
just like to hear some thoughts of people who know about daw/vst to get an idea what i could download and try tomorrow

Reaper here, really like it and the price is fair.

Reaper/Ableton (I have a launchpad)

You can’t use Stutter Edit as stndalone, simply because of the way the MIDI and audio routing works. It’s slightly different from a standard VST. Yes, I have it Rosch. You can hear it a bit in action here:

I would really like to be able to make similar effects without a computer

For mor extreme effects, listen to ‘acid weirdness’

I think either a Jomox Moonwind or a Koma Electronik filter pedal might be in order along with a bit of gating …

also check out renoise. 50 euro, and the demo licence is unlimited with only the render tracks functionality crippled…

also has some great tools too:

and even more off topic, I like dblue glitch or livecut (both free) instead of stutter edit. Or Turnado (not free)

yeah I used to totally love glitch back when I had windows. Now I used livecut, which is also great but needs max4live

@Fitvideo The Moonwind sounds really nice… Thanks for the tip

It’s a bit dated, but if you’re a Mac and Ableton user, check my Major Malfunction - it uses Cycling 74’s Pluggo, which is no longer supported/sold, and so it’s not a perfect setup on newer Ableton versions, but it still works…

if i could run it (i’m on the OS workaround Windoof ™ )i would already have purchased it, of course, like your sequencers.
speaking of which, i lost all defectiverecords emails / downloads / product keys along with my old pc’s HDD (insert windows jokes here), gonna write you an email later!

In terms of hardware glitching… Elektrons OctaTrack appears to be good for that. Although they are pricey. There is also the Squarewave Parade Teaspoon pedal. But these are practically unobtanium now. Another pedal, The Hexe Revolver. Both are pretty rad for glitching stuff up. But won’t be as precise as software.
Back to software. I tried Stutter Edit and thought it pretty good. But I much prefer SugarBytes Effectrix, and bought that one instead. It’s cheaper too.