Offshoots - A through-hole, Arduino based Branches

Offshoots is an easy to DIY, Arduino Nano based adaptation of
Mutable Instruments’ Branches. Heavily inspired by’s Through-Hole Braids and’s NanoGris.

Only functional difference with Branches is Offshoots doesn’t “remember” which output is high when leaving latch mode and coming back to it again. It needs a new input to latch to one of the outputs.

The photos included are of the prototype version of the board. I messed up the silkscreen, but that has been corrected. If you have some boards made, please send me photos! I also corrected a couple of other minor errors, so technically, this version of the board on github is untested, but I am very confident it works as intended.

Here’s the link to the github repository with all design files.


This is cool. I’m interested in ordering a PCB set. Looks like abot $40/each through OSHPark, minimum of 3. Anyone want to go in on an order?