Official Braids with red screen?

Hello, I just bought a used braids, the seller told me it was an official one, no diy, model from 2016. It has an official panel but the waveforms are wrote in red light screen instead of green as I saw it in every youtube videos. So is there a thing I don’t know, that I missed in the manual I read, or am I victim of a scam?
Thank you all.

It’s not an official module.

Thank you for the answer, as it has a panel with the Mutable Instruments mention and logo, it is more a counterfeit than a diy, right?

It’s probably a DIY build - and the builder found a second-hand original panel (some people buy the original module, prefer the grayscale panels, and end up selling the original panel to a DIYer…)

Yes that’s what I thought, thank you