OFF TOPIC - I´m searching a special volume potentiometer

Hi all. I´m looking for a special stereo potentiometer with the following specs :
Stereo Potentiometer with 100k, minimum 20mm length, vertical build, and 5 or 6mm square.
I am working on a project where I need to dissolder the volume potentiometers of a board of a headphone amp and solder a cable to the board which leads to an external volume potentiometer. The specifications need to be the way I mentioned earlier because of the unit I wanna solder it to.
There is one that matches my project made by ALPS, it´s called RK09L12D0-F25-C0-A203.
Unfortunately they are unavailable everywhere. I´m from germany and I recently ordered stuff from mouser, reichelt and conrad.
Do you guys have a special address for buying good potentiometers ? Let me know.
I would also go for a different brand if you have an idea ? The ones I want to replace were made by ALPHA which doesn´t seem to be that good…Do you have any recommendations ? Would be a blast. Need that shit ASAP. Thanks for your help in advance.
Delivery is lightning speed, but i don’t know if they have such on stock

In harder cases, i would check for:
More likely they’ll have it, but it takes some time from the US to us, mostly around 7-10 days.

Try these guys, maybe with GoogleTranslate you can get what you need.
(the are in United States)

Thanks for your answers. I finally found some parts on musikding.
THX Nightworxx ! uk electronic only had alpha potentiometers, which inmho suck .

Alpha has not only sucky pots, it depends which you order. These sold by Mouser and Reichelt do suck (with the plastic enclosure), but the 6 and 9 mm tapers with metal enclosures are pretty good, but surely more expensive.
Btw, Musikding for example sells them,too :wink:
Have your fun !