Off topic but pretty cool

Anyone seen the crazyflie drone? Its a very small open platform quadcopter that looks pretty bad ass.

Does it hum in tune ?

Yes oddly

No Midi, no CV……

Does it have a Programmer ?

CAn i mount it into an Eurorack?

Is it -4dB or 10dB?

Does it have aftertouch?

Meaning, will it still work after I touch it?

Does it have wood side panels? Those would make it warmer.

Its not analog (as in Bird) its VA (as in Helicopter)

and i have another one:

Can it be run at audio rates?

Will it do Semtex dumps?

I just realized how close we are to a synthesizer module meant for controlling a quadracopter with CV.

Everything gets better with CVs, if in doubt slap on some wooden sides for a warmer sound.

If you think about it: ESCs and servos they are using in 'kopters are controlled by PWM, just like Shruthi filter boards!

I was thinking about that, too, as I read this … can it be done the other way round? Radio controlled Eurorack? I need to dig out my old 40-MHz-Receivers and the Graupner-“Funke”.