Ode to Shruthi-1 (demo/vid)

Hey there,

I recently completed my Shruthi-1 build and have made a synthpop demo for it. The vid is here Ode to Shruthi-1

Enjoy and happy holidays!

Great to see the FM / Bell / “not-so-analog-sounding” presets put to good use!

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Yeah !
Very Nice Démo ! Shruthi sound so good …

Like it very much!

me likey as well.

@pichenettes: hey what are you doing here? i thought you were away on a family holiday - and then in the total seclusion of your lab? :slight_smile:

@ mic.w
as you may already have noticed: shruthiismus is highly addictive…

That is excellent.

nice one.

more people should use shruthi also for drums.
env speed and mod matrix makes it perfect for this.

Sounds good!