Odd new Plaits behaviour

Hi, I was playing around with Plaits in my Nifty Case today on the classic waveform setting and I noticed a little glitch that was not there before. The was an audible blip from Plaits just prior to this happening.

As I understand it, when I have the morph knob turned fully to the right I should only be hearing the pulse/square wave output and the harmonics/detune knob should have no effect. However, when I turn the harmonics knob it is tuning the output. If I turn the timbre knob to about 9 o’clock the harmonics knob no longer effect the tuning and has no effect any where else I I have the timbre knob (i.e. it only effect tuning when the timbre knob is turned fully to the left). Is this normal behaviour?

This is correct except when the TIMBRE knob is fully turned to the left. You can’t silence both waveforms, one of them will always still be audible.

Once in a while, the module has to erase a sector of flash memory to have space to save the settings. This causes a longer pause in the sound when switching between models.

Hello there. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. So it sounds like my Plaits module is working correctly to you?

That’s certainly what her answers suggest.

Cool. Thanks :slight_smile: