Octave One uses Shruthi-1?

Just watched this video in youtube and spotted one very familiar looking little machine. Is it Shruthi-1?

It can be seen at 1:05 etc.


It does look like one. That would be amazing!

Oh yes they do :slight_smile:

Oh congratulations Olivier, that is so cool. I’m grinning like an idiot here.

I dug around and found an article where they indirectly mention the Shruthi-1. :slight_smile:

>>We know that we’ll have it.


i didn’t know them, maybe because i’m not so much into megadisco etc. but the guys are telling some interesting story.
from the pic it seems like they also own some more questionable hardware, but after all, still hardware!

“megadisco” ?

hehe, yeah you know, like in an airport or a casino, with pyro & all. TIESTO
and i don’t mean it location specific but music style.
doesn’t mean they’re bad, i just know other stuff better. but, in fact their story is really interesting.
“when we’re hungry we stare at the 909”

The difference between what these guys are doing and today’s dance is that they were already doing it 22 years ago.

also the tiesto comparison doesn’t really work, i mean they’re really fiddling with the gear, and not dozing off over the laptop (playing minesweeper)
they need the fcd72 controller!


Yeah, Octave One have definitely been at it for a while - I got a bunch of their stuff on Transmat and other great early Detroit labels when I was still DJ’ing, back in the early 90’s…

And also also, you just can’t compare the two musically. At all. You’re missing out on a lot of great music if you think all dance/electronic music is just as unfulfilling as tiesto.