Octave one gives props to Shruthi-1 and Adrian Hallik!

Check out their status update, nice little photo on their artist page. They are one of my favorite live techno acts.

You can spy some Mutable gear in this concert video too:

Funny thing is i thought i dont like any technoid music, because whats sold here in germany is mostly Scooter (“Hyper Hyper”) or worse.
I told Lenny i didnt like Techno and he just said come on over and see yourselves - Octave One did a great job opening up my horizons and they do very intense live performances which - to my surprise - i love.

^- Lenny with Shruthi XT Ovtave One Signature Model - its a slightly pimped SMR4/Polivoks Version with a clock like blinking Octave One Logo to the back.

I really wish I had discovered these synths before those Shruthi XT kits ran out. Oh well.

4 left… i can do Yellow, too :wink:

If I can find the funds… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hehe, and as i stated before - there is no better sequencer for a life gig than an MPC. Here is the proof…

@MindStasis start selling stuff to pay for one…totally worth it.

Exception to the rule: the Big C. Did you know they carry most of the stuff as MLC

I remember playing Octave One records on Transmat back when I was a DJ in late 80’s/early 90’s. Good stuff!

Second Wave of Detroit Techno