The Octatrack mostly came up with this, playing the Shruthi in one shot.

This is the setup:

8, 1/8th spaced trigs on one pattern.

p-lock CC: one to control osc 1 coarse tuning, another to control osc 2 coarse tuning.

midi lfo CC: one to control osc 1 shape, another to control osc 2 shape.

both midi lfos were random and set to “hold” but they were different speeds and intensity.

no sub or noise on the patch. mixer set to “fuzz” and around the middle i think.

As the pattern played, i also tweaked live via the shruthi front panel the cutoff, resonance, lfo->vcf depth, and lfo rate.

plate reverb on the shruthi thru track

at the end, it is the octatrack filter closing off the shruthi

this was just a demo in midi cc learning / midi lfo / midi p-locks

Nice !

thanks :slight_smile: