Numeric keypad for patch entry

I can’t remember if I asked this before but is it possible to add a numeric keypad to a Shruthi for choosing patches?

With a serious change to the code and a hardware extension similar to the programmer i think it should be possible. But certainly won’t be an easy out of the box add on.

Build one externally via MIDI…

That would be the better option indeed. Why do you need it? With ableton live it’s very easy programming a setup to have certain programs recallable by a midi or keyboard key.

I just like to enter favourite patches quickly. I’d rather not have a computer in the chain. Certainly not a big deal, I was just curious. I could just put my favourites in a specific range but then I risk not discovering cool patches by accident.

Don’t forget you can hold down the right-most button while twirling the encoder to change preset numbers by tens rather than units - I can change between presets hundreds apart in a second or two with this technique.


Do that all the time Martin, works great. I have a few standard patches that I use for polyphony with 5 Shruthis hooked to a Roland A90. The combination of the Shruthis and an A90 that works great but very stupidly sends out program change messages without any method to turn that off means that I am constantly re-setting the Shruthis. As I said, no big deal, it’s really Roland’s fault. I should figure out a way to use the keypad on the A90 to send the same patch change message to all of the Shruthis.