Number of ceramic caps on v.0.8?

Hello people!
This is my first post here. I just recieved my first Shruti-1 kit and have started building the “digital control board”.
Everything looks great so far but one thing confuses me.

In the building instructions ( ), step 2,1, it says: C1, C4, C8, C5 (100nF caps, not polarized). The latest revision of the board (v0.7) has two more of those, C9 and C10.

My board is v.0.8 and I have the two extra capasitors in my kit, but can’t see any spots for them on the circuit board.
So my question is, did they decide to remove those extra two capasitors in the latest revision and forget to update the instructions?

Thanks in advance, people.
I’m really happy to be here! :slight_smile:


Okay, I was too quick to ask. I seem to be unable to count today!
I placed all six in step 2,1.
I just have two to spare, so that’s what confused me. But I guess they are extras, just in case, or will be needed later in the assembly.

Sorry for wasting your time!


The two capacitors you are left with are probably to be soldered on the other side of the control board.

Right you are! I just got to that part now.
Thanks for the comment!