NTE948 vs V2164D

Hi so i was looking into the quad vco ic and i noticed that there is a NTE quad vco amp ic i was just wondering if the NTE948 will work because if so i will have a chance to buy it in person rather than paying shipping.

whoopsie… here is a link http://www.nteinc.com/specs/900to999/pdf/nte948.pdf

The V2164D is a quad VCA.

The NTE948 is not a VCA, not a VCO, but just an op-amp.

You don’t even have to think that much: the V2164 is a 16-pin IC, and the NTE948 is a 14-pin IC - how could they be compatible?

More generally, stay away of NTE parts - they are parts from other manufacturers with NTE rebranding, with all the important documentation lost or destroyed in the process.

Second pichenettes’ comment above-NTE is a first cousin of those dodgy Chinese operators who relabel old chips and sell them on eBay, except NTE’s rebranded chips get distributed through reputable dealers at a horrendous markup. Go figure. :frowning:

The NTE948 isn’t even a good quad opamp-it’s an RC4136. A 25c TL074 will be much superior.

14pin says it all ><

You can still (?) get RC4136 from Mouser. I did at least that half a year ago for the Roman F build of a Buchla 266 clone. NTE - pfft! Maybe when all other options are out.

The 266R is being redesigned for batch 2 to use the more sane (standard) footprint of the TL074 and more or less everything else under the sun.

You should sooner go for a V2164 @ mammoth. I took the cheapest shipping option. They announced up to 2 months for delivery, but for me it took only ~ 1.5 week.

@ Jojjellito, just looked and mousers still has the rc4136NE but i do not think it is a substitute to the v2164d (its also 14pins not 16). If i am wrong please correct me, id love to be able to get this IC without just paying shipping for it.

@stefanovic Just wondering where you are in the world for it to take 1.5 weeks, and really im in no rush besides just wanting the lot of parts so i can finish at my pace and not have to worry about sourcing as i go.

Thanks again and sorry again for the noob shit


RC4136 is a quad opamp, an ancestor of the TL074-very different to the V2164.

But it wont work in this build right, i mean it just seems odd like pinchenettes said the v2164 is a 16 pin and this is a 14 so it cant just be a drop in replacement to the v2164 right?

The V2164 and the RC4136/NTE948 have nothing in common - they don’t even perform the same function!

Jojjelito digressed and talked about another project that actually required a RC4136.

case closed, thanks pinchettes.

Sorry bout that, just pointed out that if, Eris forbid, you would actually need one of the 14-pin buggers: Don’t get suckered by the expensive NTEs unless you’re desperate.

But, unless you’re making something very different, you don’t want those anywhere near your component stash. It’s like my LM324 fear - if there’s one of those really bad opamps anywhere in the stash all the other OPs will catch disease and start to suck too.

In case I need one, I tucked those safely away in a drawer full of socks. Those are immune to acquired component shittyness syndrome, ACSS ™

I have a whole tube of non-ROHS LM224s (the industrial spec version) I bought for about 3c each from Farnel 4 years ago-problem is I haven’t been able to bring myself to use them in anything! Audio, they distort-triggers and gates, they are too slow for even some CD4000 logic and cause weird glitches…doh!

I believe the only way to make them useful for audio is to have a low resistance between the output and negative rail which forces them into pseudo-class A operation…

@gwaidan: I wonder if a box with a switchable choice of a handful of really bad op-amp, marketed as something to “color the signal” would sell.

Yes, it would.

Here we are again with the virgin fairies doing whatever they do to OpAmps…

Distortion and weird glitches? Sounds more like little evil witches than fairies to me…

Its just that you operate your OpAmps outside the specified parameters - may they be as tight as possible :wink:

Also, aren’t fairies by definition virgins since they don’t come with any naughty bits?