NRPN MIDI String format on a BS3X

I’m having the hardest time setting up NRPN messages on a Bitstream-3X. I suspect the MIDI string isn’t formatted in the way the Shruthi is expecting it. The one in the screenshot is supposed to control Arp pattern, but it doesn’t do anything. I haven’t been able to successfully configure any of the NRPN controllable parameters. Anyone have any ideas?

Link to a bigger pic: Big Sized

Which firmware version do you run?


The values listed in the manual have been updated for 0.92

The manual for v0.91 is still online

I’ve taken a pretty good look at the manual and there’s something about the NRPN stuff I’m not understanding. I mostly understand the example in the manual, but can you (or someone else maybe) show another example? Possibly with the resulting MIDI string? Maybe a MIDI-OX output?

Sorry to be hassle, but I’ve looked around quite a bit and I’ve not found a really good beginner’s guide to understanding NRPN formatting. if someone could point me in the direction of one, I’d really appreciate it.