NRPN control assignments

Hello all,

I’m trying to set up a template for the Shruthi on my Novation RemoteSL. I think I’ve heard mention of others using this controller so I ask if anyone has already made one or has success assigning the NRPN values.

According to the manual:

“Negative values are represented using 2’s complement.” Not sure I understand 2’s complement, Mr. Farley

"For example, the MIDI messages to send to set the Oscillator 1 range to -12:

176 99 0 (NRPN MSB set to 0)
176 98 2 (NRPN LSB set to 2, from the table below: Oscillator 1 range)
176 6 1 (Data Entry MSB set to 1 – value above 127 or negative)
176 38 116 (Data Entry LSB set to 116, because 116 - 128 = -12)"

I guess this ll makes sense if i were to be entering data into a sequencer track in the DAW but I want to assign it to a knob on the SL and the support from Novation is like playing leap frog in the middle of a roundabout.

The Template Editor Gives me these choices
I am pretty sure the 14bit option should be clicked

I’ve been able to get it to control ranges -24 to 0 and 0 to 24 but not the whole range.

Sorry if this is confusing but I am.

I use it with a remotezero
but I have programmed using MIDI CC values
if you give me your mail I send you my template … :slight_smile:

Why not using CC instead of NRPN?

… exactly!
I used the CC and in 10min I created the template … perfect!

I just thought consistency and uniformity were good practice. Nevermind.

CC is the “easy” interface. Everything is mapped to 0-127 so you can get something working in minutes. Proof: your message. But it is an imperfect interface: all the parameters with ranges larger than 0-127 will be quantized. Here comes the NRPN interface: it supports the full range of each parameter, but you’ll have to figure out the LSB/MSB thing and the 2 complement thing. That’s what I would use if I had to do an editor.

Both interfaces are serving different purposes: one is expected to be very easy to use, for automation in a sequencer or for use with MIDI controller, with a loss in resolution when necessary. The second one is expected to be precise.


The one big advantage that I’ve found to using NRPN with my BCR-2000 is that you get feedback on an LED display for the value you’re outputting with a given rotary knob. So, it’s helpful to see that the “octave” parameter is 4, say, rather than some number 0-127 that gets interpolated as an octave value. It’s just more meaningful feedback from the controller. Don’t know if the RemoteSL shows parameter info like that. The BCR actually doesn’t support 2’s compliment negative values, unfortunately, so I had to use CC’s for those parameters as well…