NPRN / Sysex control of the Shruthi-1 sequencer

Hello All,

this may be a bit of a stretch, as it is not mentioned in the manual, and is certainly not listed among the controllable parameters in the CC/NPRN list.
Is there any way of controlling steps in the Shruthi-1 sequencer, ie notes, mutes, ties/rests remotely by NPRN or SYSEX?

No, there isn’t.
What about buying yourself an Arturia Beatstep? So you’ll use the Beatstep as a sequencer but you can control every step with a hardware encoder.

Thanks Mr_Roboto, I figured I was clutching at straws, yet another reason to consider the beatstep/midirex etc

What is this then?

This is done by SysEx, not CC or NRPN.