Now that i am nearing troubleshooting/ jamming stages

Hi, i am getting close to wraping up my 4pm build and getting into test mode first of all id like to know what power supply should I buy? I have a boss 9.6v but i dont know if that will do. And will i hurt it plugging it into an amp id hate to fry it right away.
I know a sequencer is sudgested but im broke right now so what can i do to get it going (i own 2 guitar amps, a lap top, and android phone) a;so how is the shruthi with the korg monotribe?

Use a meter to measure the output voltage and make sure it is below 15V. The power supply must have center tip positive and deliver 300mA or most.

If you are in the US

sorry to double post but i mean korg monotribe ribon station not synth.

The Shruthi needs to be played from a MIDI controller or computer.

9.6v should be fine, but check it to make sure, You might hurt the amp if you plug the shruthi into it, since it is quite “hot” on the output (Might want to solder those two potentiometers for the level).

The shruthi contains a basic sequencer, although I believe that it can only be used with a midi source, like a keyboard, or a USB midi interface.

So, if you don’t have some sort of midi source, then you would need one… Happy soldering :slight_smile:

Thanks guys i guess i shoulda looked into the ribbon synth alittle more, as for the amp i guess ill not go that route and go threw the computer. I know i can get a copy of abelton from a budy.