Novation X-Station Template

Just made a Novation X-Station template for editing all the Shruthi-1 parameters that have MIDI CCs.
Would be happy to pass it on, if anyone else might find it useful.


Hi a|x, I have a Novation Remote SL 49, do you know if the templates are compatible? I would be most interested if so…

Actually, I have just found this: which states that you can use the template editor to change the template slightly to work with the Remote SL.

I would really appreciate it if you could send me a copy. My email address is in my profile.


Hi toadstool,

I’ll send you the file. It might be useful as a starting-point, but I’m not sure how much sense it will make though. The controls on the X-Station are set out like a fairly standard subtractive synth, which maps pretty well to the Shruthi controls, whereas the SL is much more generic. I do have a 37SL, actually, so if you do adapt the template to work on the SL, I’d be really interested to see it.




Received with thanks. I have the 49SL Compact (not the same as the original SL) but it still works. I can load your template in the specific editor and then upload it to the controller. It will need a bit of tweaking to fit the controls properly but it is a great starting point so thanks very much! I will send you a copy or post here when I have fine tuned it some more.

I’ve done a template for me RemoteSL, but funnily enough, I hardly ever use it (except for the keys), because I’m much quicker with the controls on the unit :slight_smile:
Works fine, nonetheless.

Hi stuartm,

is your RemoteSL the compact version, too? If it’s the 1st-gen SL (I have a 37SL), I’d love to have a copy of your template, if you’re willing to share. I find it easier to use controls on the keyboard, rather then trying to play keys on one, and tweak the controls on the other.



i m looking for the template for xstation to control my shruthi, i ll be really happy to find it! thx

Hi toneburst, I would also be interested in the X-Station template.