Novation Bass Station 2

Finally a good demo!

Bass Station 2

Did he say £399 or is that just me?


That’s a pretty interesting price point.

Should be priced the same as a mini brute and MS20. This will match my A Station nicely.

I like Novation’s focus on also making it a practical MIDI instrument with patch memory in contrast with the analog-only focus of the Mini Brute and the MS-20 Mini.

still, i think it’s a shame that it doesn’t have cv/gate i/o.

CV/Gate doesn’t make a lot of sense on an analog synth with fully digital controls IMHO.

I couldn’t resist…
I’ve just ordered BS2.

Are they available already? I’m very interested in the BS2. So much so, that I’m looking to sell my TE OP-1. It just wasn’t captivating me like I thought it would.

Can be ordered from, and probably the rest of the lot as well :slight_smile:

Still not available yet… End of August, probably.

@cold_fashioned swap you a Novation Mininova for the OP-1? Worth a try… :wink:


Ah - just realized pre-orders are being taken.

@toneburst - Thanks for the offer, but I’m more set on the bass station II at the moment. (and volca keys, and etc. etc. hah) Actually might have a local buyer lined up for the OP-1 tonight.

@cold_fashioned I knew it was a cheeky one. I bought the MN for a gig, but didn’t use it in the end, and can’t see me using it much in the future. Actually, I part-swapped it for an IR3109 Shruthi-1 in a red enclosure.


If someone interested - I received my BS2 a few hours ago and I quickly made some patches:

Bass Station 2 - demo

Yep, that filter does have that nice acidic sound to it, especially when overdriven. Thanks for the demo. What do you think of the OTA multimode filter? Is it similar in tone to the diode ladder or distinctly different?

Nice - thanks for the demo / patches. I couldn’t resist and ordered a BS2 myself. It’s due to arrive on Friday - and I have a 3-day weekend ahead! Can’t wait.


They are rather different. When resonance, overdrive & distortion are at their 0% position, “classic” filter is brighter, “acid” is smoother and seems to be never “fully opened” at 100% cutoff. “Acid” better cooperates with overdrive & distortion than “classic” (which quickly becomes too harsh in sounding).

BTW, one of the developers, Nick Bookman said that “acid” filter is their own design and not a 303-clone.

I can’t understand why Novation continue to use their limiting implementation of modulation. Just stick a matrix in there!