Notes sticking in arpeggiator synced to midi clock

Hey, loving my new Ambika!
Something I don’t understand is why when I play an arpeggiator patch when I’m transmitting a midi clock from Logic, it syncs OK, however when I release the notes to the chord the notes sometimes still stick. I have tried playing with the ‘latch’ parameter on the Clock page, and it seems to be doing something but I’m not sure what. I couldn’t figure it out from the manual.

Does that make sense? How can I make it so that it stops the notes when I release the key or is that not possible?

Does Logic send a stop message?

I’ll press play on Logic, which starts the midi clock. Then the notes appear to ‘latch’ when I play the keyboard, and don’t stop until I press stop on Logic, which is when I guess it transmits the ‘stop’ message. Is this normal behaviour?

I’ll try to reproduce this.

Don’t worry, I’ve figured it out. A bug in my version of Logic, not the Ambika. Sorry for the confusion!

Just out of curiosity: which Logic version do you use ?

Logic Pro X. I also have 9 and I don’t have the problem on there, so I think that rules out the Ambika!

Phew, never brought it over me to update to X - i’m a lucky bastard !