Notes sometime jam (SOLVED)

Hi all,
so while testing the shruthi sometimes a note will jam. Sometimes a note will shoot up several octaves.
It seems that this is brought on by playing around with the parameters. It sounds like I have turned the release full up when I haven’t.
Thanks in advance for any help on this one.

I think this happens most when the Shruthi doesn’t receive a note off message. It could be plenty of other things not related to the Shruthi itself. I have a USB cable that fits rather loose into my keyboard and if it comes loose and I plug it back in it starts back at default. Sometimes this changes the octave I was playing in.
Regardless, I found the best way to fix this is to turn the sequencer mode to something other than it is. It also helps in seq-latch and record mode when I forget which note I started with.

Good luck, hope these are your problems and nothing really wrong with your Shruthi. :slight_smile: