"Note that Anushri’s internal signals are 5V pp"

How will this effect CV/gate/LFO out’s? Plugged directly into eurorack modules will it need a “middle-man” compensation for the 5v?

Nope, just plug anything in. If your gear doesnt accept +5V Trigger its either broken or ancient :wink:

siiick. Thank you :slight_smile:

Here is a noob question: Does gate out (on the anushri) incorporate ADSR?

Why would it? It’s a gate: +5V when a key is pressed (or note played from the sequencer), 0V otherwise.

I was not sure what Gate fully entailed previously due to my lack of experience. Thanks for clearing it up.

Is there any to incorperate anushri’s envelope into a modular system?

No, the envelope and LFOs are digital; and they are digitally mixed to produce a single PWM, VCO, VCA and VCF control voltage.

regarding patching outs to other gear you can’t damage anything with these levels. but module owners usually know what the modules expect, and there can be variations. if the voltage swing is not what you need you can add an adjustable offset, range etc, there are cv processors for that purpose.

Should I be able to take VCO CV out from anushri into a VCO module CV in and control it accurately?


You should be able to control a VCO with the Anushri’s VCO out, how accurate it is depends on if you tuned it manually, or let the software do it - In order for it to track accurately with Eurorack stuff, you need to tune it manually… (Check the manual )

Aye aye, sounds great!

“To spare you this lengthy process, a software compensation can be enabled that will instantly bias Anushri’s internal CV conversion stage to reach the right tuning. To enable this correction:”

Is there info somewhere that goes into detail the actual process, or is it simply a matter of plugging it into a tuner, pressing middle C and then adjusting the coarse and find trims?

Check the calibration section of the build instructions.

Thank you.