Note sustains when using Ambika and MIDIpal

So if I have a pattern going in sequencer or I am using the drum app with ambika, I experience one of the voices just sustaining and persisting after I stop the pattern. I can note nuke of course but its a pain in the biscuits when I’m trying to jam. It works fine most of the time but sometimes when I’m changing midi channels or changing notes of the drum sounds it will happen. Do you think it’s just an overload of midi data?

I am sorry, I don’t get it. Could you please instead describe how I could reproduce the problem?

The only consistent way Ive been able to replicate it is by using the drum app doing the following:

  1. Running a pattern, Euclidean or pre-programmed
  2. Holding the encoder for two seconds to return to menu
    -at this point a voice drones on (regardless of the vca envelope) I have to wait several seconds and many pushes of the notenuke to stop it.

I can live with it, I was just curious as to the “why”

The MIDI protocol sends a Note On message to start a note, and later a Note Off message to stop the note.

If you change channel, switch off the device, reset it between these two instants, the Note Off won’t be sent (or it will be sent to another channel). This causes the device on the other end to receive only a Note On and note a Note Off - stuck note!

The same thing can happen with clock sync. For example, you are using a master sequencer sending a MIDI clock to a slaved sequencer. If the master sequencer gets reset or switched off “in flight”, the slaved sequencer stops receiving clock messages, and gets “stuck” in a particular step, continuously emitting a note and waiting for the next clock messages to stop it.

I stumbled upon something like this the other day. I had a little arpie hooked up to a midipal which used the CC Lfo app connected to two sidechained shruthi-1. The last shruthi-1 would sustain a note every time. I solved it by restarting the shruthi-1. After reboot it behaved as it should. I haven’t been able to reproduce it.

There’s a track on this album, that, according to the notes on the sleeve, is a stuck note from one of the other tracks. I can’t remember which one it is now. Incidentally, it looks like this album might be quite rare. Maybe my CD is worth some money on eBay…