Note on midi problem with Shruthi

I have a problem while playing out with the shruthi - when I cut the channel in Ableton with the mute switch the note stays on.
I tried to fix this with a plug in called Midi Pipe which works sometimes but is not reliable.
I’m now at the point where i’ll have to stop using it to play live unless i can find a fix which is terrible news as i’ve just designed a load of the fattest Bass patches which form the main part of my set.
Can anyone help ?

Isn’t this how MIDI is supposed to work? When you mute the channel, no message is going to be sent, so if there is a pending note on, it’ll never receive the note off that will cut the sound.

Ideally, Live should be sending a note off whenever the channel is muted - can you check that it sends such a message with a MIDI monitor application? If not, this is a problem with Live, not with the Shruthi.

If you hit Mute your expected behaviour is that the MIDI Instruments addressed instantly is silent.

This can be achieved by sending a NOTE OFF command (0x80 -0x8F) for all pending Notes, so the Notes played will go into Release phase and stop eventually. If you programmed a long (endless) Release Phase the Note won’t stop that way and the sound would not stop immediately.

Another Solution for the Sequencer would be sending an ALL NOTES OFF (CC123) so all pending notes would stop with the same problems mentioned above.

Best solution would be sending fist ALL NOTES OFF (or individual NOTE OFFs), and then additionally ALL SOUNDS OFF to which the MIDI Instrument is supposed to immediately stop all sound playing, even the ones that already received a NOTE OFF and are in the Release Phase.

Shruthis MIDI Implementation Chart shows that it reacts to all three Messages so if the sound doesn’t stop on Mute i guess the Problem is a bit on Abletons Side (which really wouldn’t be surprising…)

As pichenettes turned out you could Monitor Abletons Output with a monitor application (i use MIDI Monitor on OS X) and post the protocol here, so we can see whats real happening.

Thanks for the response guys - I’m testing it in the studio today and on the first test it was still doing it and then when I then configured the midipipe it stopped the problem and now it isn’t doing it even when the midipipe is not even running so it’s a little confusing.

I don’t fully understand how to implement your suggested solutions but i’ll try to suss it out and if i don’t have any luck try this midi monitor thing and get back to you.

It does seem to happen much more frequently in live situations than when i’m at home in the studio.

Its easy - you install your MIDI Monitor, tell it to watch on the according MIDI Port/Channel, hit start and then stop and post the Protocol here.

Regarding the midi pipe plugin: nobody knows, the only thing thats sure is that every layer of software your MIDI signal has to run trhu makes things (and timing) worse……

Well I found a simple fix that just involves ensuring that the shruthi is powered up after the Ableton session is open and all other midi controllers recognised.
Sometimes it takes a second restart of live but so far has worked every time.
Thanks for the help !