Notched Faders and Pots (Where/How?)

Hey everyone,

I am having a hard time finding notched faders and potentiometers on mouser and on the internet. Is there a special technical term for them that I am unaware of? Or is there a way that anyone knows of to easily add notches to regular faders or potentiometers?

Notched faders, such as them having center detents, or? If you special order in quantities you could even get pots with a bunch of detents, but beyond center det, those are only stocked by specialist companies as spares or such like it seems.

It pays off to check the data sheet vs article number at Mouser - the description isn’t always accurate.

Digi-Key has a bunch of stuff too.

You mean like a detent? maybe that phrase is what you need to use?

Thank you, detent is the term I was looking for!

I wanted to use pots or sliders as switches on a controller I’m building, but it would be better if they had detents rather than just my label indicating what positions equals a different value.

Yes I think your response mostly answers my question Jojjelito. What companies can you order special order slide pots with custom dents? Is it a lot more expensive to do this versus ordering off of mouser in large quantities?

Check with a pot manufacturer. Here’s Taiwan Alpha as a given example. They might require a minimum order quantity of 1000 if you’re outta luck, but you can also reverse engineer suitable article codes for searching.

Beyond that you have Alpha pots (USA), Chinese manufacturers like Soundwell, Polyshine, Omter and the like - check Ali Express, plus Bourns, CTS, Alps, Panasonic etc.

Awesome. Thanks Jojjelito, appreciate your help!

Smallbear has Alpha pots with 11 detents in various flavors. I presume the same things are available in other places.

Cool beans! S’been a while since I browsed their stuff… Where’s mah steenkin tax return so I can spend it?