Not responding to Midi from Ableton Live

OK just wasted best part of the evening trying to figure this one out but need any help possible.
Completed my Shruthi some time ago all tested and working ok.
I am now trying to use it in Ableton 8, and its not having it.
My controller is an MPK49, this I believe is set up ok and works fine (all my VST & AU instruments work ok). I have plugged in my USB to midi converter in, plugged midi “in” into Shruthi. Audio out of Shruthi into my sound card. Shruthi happy puts out its test tone (by holding down S1). IN Ableton I have selected my USB/Midi output in preferences and its LED happily flashes when I press any keys/knobs on my controller (SO I am guessing it is seeing midi data). Midi channel on Shruthi I beleive is set to 1 the same as my MPK controller. But I cannot get the thing to play using my Keyboard, obviously something really simple I am overlooking, please help…its driving me crazy…
Thank you in advance.

I am not sure if this is a “MIDI is working but I can’t get it to work with this particular setup”? or “MIDI is not working at all” question… Did you get MIDI to work in another situation?

I think its more a MIDI Channel routing Problem inside your DAW/Computer (maybe it outputs on a certain channel other than you send with your MPK). Try setting Shruthis MIDI Channel to 0 (OMNI) so it responds on every Channel.

Is this the first time you’re using an external MIDI synth? If so, look up the relevant section in the Live manual; it will take you through the steps very nicely.

In the midi channel in ableton you have to route that channel to the physical midi output on the mixer page where is says “MIDI TO” in the I/O tab. Then you have to set your midi channel to MONITOR IN. And do as Thijs says :wink:

Yeah, the Ableton Live manual is Really Fucking Good.

> I have plugged in my USB to midi converter in, plugged midi “in” into Shruthi.

not sure, but this souds like you connected the “midi in” of your interface to the midi input of you shruthi.

it has to be the output from the interface, which goes into the input of the shruthi. the output of the interface should be marked “out” (or soemtimes “to midi in” for example in case of m-audio uno)

FIrstly thanks for all the really helpful advice. OK admission time, really simple mistake I had plugged my “midi in” into shruthi “midi in” and "midi out " into “Midi out”…ONce I had swapped these over it all worked fine.
HOWEVER…I switched shruthi to “EXT” and everything stopped working. Now I have tried rebooting Ableton & also Shruthi and now I cannot get any sound again…am I missing something here. Any ableton users out there with any good advice, it would be very much appreciated.
Thanks in advance again…

PS Midi is working fine within reason, if I load a AU plug all is good. My controller (MPK49) works fine, and yes I am outputting midi to my midi interface

OK got it…Unplugged my midi to usb and plugged it back in and it looks like its reset all ok…ok another problem i just discovered:
I now have a nice midi pattern playing Shruthi. Shruthi returns back into ableton on an audio channel…all ok, HOWEVER when i drop any AU plug in on the audio channel (for example a compressor) it instantly changes the shruthi sound (setting) drastically and if I move any dial on the plug in it is as if it is controlling the shruthi. The only way I can get my original shruthi sound back is to select the preset again. If I then touch any dial on the AU plug in it immediately completely changes the sound…surly it should be this difficult??
Any help would be hugely appreciated…
Attached 2 screen shots of my audio midi channel set up and my midi preferences.

Obviously your Plugin sends Controller Data… see your DAWs Manual how to switch it off.

Thx fcd72 for your reply, I have the same problem with any plug I put on the audio return path…?

I really can’t tell how your DAW handles this - take a look into the manual. The problem is that your Plugin Sends MIDI Controller Data to the same Channel/Output the Shruthi is connected to.

Well, first off, you should take some time and do as thijs and fcd72 suggested and read the manual.
Ableton has a number of very helpful and well put together tutorials that explain many things.

Second, do you have the MIDI output from the Shruthi going back to the MPK (and therefore your computer)? If you do, you probably have some kind of MIDI feedback loop since your MIDI track has in the MIDI from selection. Try selecting your MPK49 in the MIDI from box, so that you’re only receiving MIDI data from the MPK49.

Thirdly, I’m also not sure what you mean by “HOWEVER…I switched shruthi to “EXT” and everything stopped working”, do you mean sequencer tempo? If so, the Shruthi is expecting MIDI clock, and Ableton needs to be sending it via the play button. So nothing’s going to happen until you press play. And before that, in your MIDI ports dialog, needs to be selected for your MIDI output so that your MPK will relay the MIDI clock from Ableton to whatever is connected to it.

I have no idea what’s going on with your plug-in. Is it an Ableton stock plug in? I think the third item above would solve that issue.

Yeah, Yeah read the manual. It’s true, great advice. Still, I sympathize with your opening statement: just wasted best part of the evening trying to figure this one out.
Happens to me all to often. My last “Live Project” couldn’t help itself but to start erasing previously recorded track while recording a new one. Not to mention my KorgNano control editor crashes immediately upon launch but only under my main login. Makes me hate my computer. Agh!

Anyway, in the mixer where it says MIDI From pick none if that’s where your sequence is - in the clip. Then double click your clip and open up the note box next to the piano roll and make sure that there is not a Program Change number assigned to the clip.

That’s my advise but I obviously am no expert and you should consult the manual. I suggest a quit place away from the computer like under a tree or beside a fire. Bring a note pad and write down anything you think might be a valid solution.

-good luck

The bad thing about reading manual is it takes time once.
The good thing about reading manual is it saves time all the time.

100% true, but in my case i’d say it would save time all the time

I’m going to say this one more time and then shut the fuck up: The Ableton Live manual is very well written and also really neatly organized. Do yourself a favor and just sit down and read the thing. You can’t imagine how much time you’ll save yourself later if you do that now.

Why do not you use and “External Instrument” device from Ableton’s library ?

I belive this article will help you a lot

Thanks for all the helpful advice, further advice most welcome…