[Not a bug] LED 6 pulsating?

Hi guys!

I just completed soldering the main board and I tried the first led test. 3 and 7 lights up and All the leds can be turned on by the buttons. Butled 6 is a bit weired…

Alone: led 6 is fine
Together with another led: led 6 starts to pulsate

Is this normal? :slight_smile:

There isnt a one-to-to one mapping between leds and buttons, so I guess the one-button-multiple leds is okey for some combinations? Does someone have a video with the pressing or is it enough to know that every led can be turned on?

It is a v0.7 and it was bought in 2010.


This LED indicate that the modulation page is active. When you edit modulations, the LED blinks proportionally to the active modulation source (LFO, envelope).