Nord drum 1 - has anyone used one?

I’ve been drumming for about 20 years and have a half assembled roland kit but I need a brain for it. So I’d completely forgotten about the nord drum and ones come up for $200 and I’m thinking about jumping on it. I’ll also trigger it from grids (or maybe the anushri I haven’t decided)
The thing is from what I’ve seen there is no way at all to edit it via cc, like none. And it’s got a single out. I’m wondering if this is a deal breaker. It’s got good onboard sounds and I really need a rhythm machine so I’m not sure if it’s that big a deal or not
The nord drum 2 fixes everything lacking but is $650 and I can’t find one cheaper.

I got original NordDrum for $200 after ND2 came out and I’m happy with it. No CC support is not a problem since editing drum sounds using buttons and a knob is pretty adequate. Having a single output is a bit annoying, however having stereo output triples the price, and i’d need separate outputs for each channel anyway. For me this annoyance is compensated by the sound quality which is superb.

I got one last weekend after wanting one for ages: if they’d given it an output per voice it’d’ve been the deal of the century at the original price. It really is the only drawback: It sounds great, the interface is great, and it’s small and red.

The ND2 adds a bit more than just a stereo output and CC support. FM and Resonance (?) synthesis are also nice perks to have.

Recently picked up a ND2. It’s a really great update that seems to extend the synth engine far beyond what the ND1 can do, esp. when you like to play your percussion chromatically. The cymbal models, clap envelopes and mute groups also seem like a nice addition.

It also still seems under active development; the latest major firmware release came out a week or so ago, adding even more tone models, envelope tweaks, and an additional ring mod effect.