Noodling with notes of Swedish folk music

I made a monophonic melody voice patch based on the Cš-L, controlled by the MicroFreak and Stages as both a normal ADSR and a LFO, for a track we’re working on and I really liked just noodling around with it so we recorded me doing just that for a couple of minutes. Has a note of Swedish folk music here and there.

Patch notes in the video description.

Hej Lisa,

that was a nice tune, and I like the gentle distortions quite a lot.



Thanks! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Got a Metasonix R56 some time ago and a RK3 last month. Very amusing to me that I’ve shunned Metasonix gear for many years (long before I got into eurorack) and it turns out that I was wrong in my assumptions all along. It has loads of (deranged) personality but can sound cordial too. That range makes it really interesting and pleasing to work with.

I did this patch the other day, some kind of softcore industrial ambient. SSF Entity Percussion triggered by Mutable Instruments Stages sent to Metasonix RK3, ALM MCO out also going to tho the RK3 while the wave table is being modulated by a simple triangle LFO. The RK3 output is sent to the XAOC Belgrad set to the first mode and getting cutoff and balance modulated by simple triangle LFOs. The output from Belgrad is sent to Metasonix R56 and that’s it.

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