Nooby question about ic soldering solved


Im working on a “SMR4” a “DUAL SVF” and a “Polyvox semi-kit”

1/ I have a problem, i haven’t received my socket for “IC16” i would like to know if i can solder my different “IC” directly on the “PCB” safely.
I already know i can solder “74HC594N” directly but can i solder them? “LM13700N” “4053N” “V2164D”

2/ Must i solder the “4.7K Resistor” on the “Dual SFV” board?

Thanks for your help.

1/ Was the socket missing from the bags of parts? If so I can send you one. Which IC is IC16? I don’t know any filter board with so many ICs!

It’s OK to solder cheap, indestructible ICs on the PCB (like logic gates, 74xxx or 40xx). Don’t solder a V2164 or LM13700 because these are rarer more expensive chips and you’ll feel sorry for them if you need to replace them.

2/ I prefer not using them. It slightly changes the distortion vs background hiss behavior of the SSM2164.