Noobish question regarding resistors

Hi everyone,

I’m about to build a Dual SVF Shruthi and starting to source the parts but wonder if I can use 30k resistors instead of 33k ones. Is it simply possible without damaging the whole thing ? If yes, will it modify the sound or have no effect ?

Sorry for the noobish questions :slight_smile:

This won’t damage anything but the filter will not work as designed:

  • The filter cutoff range might be “off” - the filter won’t totally open; or you’ll push it too early into its unstable zone when the cutoff value will reach 90% of its course.
  • Self-oscillation might happen too late or too early over the course of the resonance pot.
  • It might not be possible to get accurate tracking.

Order 33k resistors and delay your build by a few days!