Noobie with clouds

I have just bought Clouds and I am really digging it and have tried inputs from various vco’ but am having trouble inputting other audio material. Tips please on the method for getting audio into clouds from outside the modular setup ??
Only gentle flaming please !
Cheers Phil

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What’s the problem you have exactly? That the input level is too low?

I’ve tried inputting from an iPod but nothing seems to happen

No sound at all?

Should I be using a stereo phone input or mono ?
I have also tried bring in a signal from an audio mixer but no sound appears at the Clouds input.
Every vco in my system works without problem. What am I doing wrong ? I tried a microphone too.

> Should I be using a stereo phone input or mono ?

Just use one of your eurorack patch cables from the iphone output to Clouds’ left input.

Same with the audio mixer - use a cable with a 6.35 and a 3.5 jack at each end. Send the gain to the max of course…

Could it be a problem with the cables?

Thanks…I’ll have another attempt later today with different cables

@blancman: iPad seem to do weird stuff when you don’t use the proper cables. It didn’t work with a stereo cable for me, mono did work. Keep in mind that headphone outputs like the one on the iPad often don’t deliver a good enough volume for eurorack modules, which are designed to work with 10 Vpp levels. The mixer output, especially if it delivers a studio-level signal should work totally fine. I often use the output of my audio interface with clouds and it works like a charm. You need to crank the input volume up a bit, but that’s it.
Microphones on the other side will not work if you plug them directly into Clouds, since the module lacks a preamp to boost the very low signal a mic generates.

Many thanks I will bear this in mind when I try again later ! Cheers & Merry Christmas

Success… taking cables from my Focusrite and down into a mono 3.5mm plug worked flawlessly and I am now wiggling once more. Thanks to both pichenettes and rumplefilter for your help. PLEASE feel free to hit me up with any tips you might have for Cloud,Grids and Braids usage.