Noob question about Frames

Hi everyone. I’m just starting my journey to eurorack world. I just bought a Frames and this maybe the dumbest question of all time (prepairing for stoning by mutable patchcords :wink: ). I’m wondering if it can be used as a VCA?. If so, how I should patch it?. I don’t quite get it, where I could insert the envelope from Peaks to get the gain of the VCA controlled. Thanks.

The module consists of 4 VCAs, but they don’t have a direct CV input. Instead, the CVs are generated internally by the microcontroller.

So it is not possible to use external CVs to control the gain of each channel.

You could create a keyframe with all gains set to the minimum, and another with all gains sent to the maximum. And then send Peaks’ envelope to the FRAME CV input. But then the 4 VCAs would all follow the same envelope.

Thanks Olivier!. I actually managed to do that earlier, but I was unsure how Frames processes the Frame CV input. I really like this module.