Noob question about Braids

I’m new to modular synths so I bought the Pittsburgh 10 system (48 case) to get me started and also to use as an extra Oscillator inside of my Minibrute. It’s working great because it’s like having a simple tabletop fixed arch synth but it’s expandable. And I now have a two OSC minibrute instead of one! Which leads me to my question. I’m not really ( at least for now) interested in a large wall size modular systems. I perform live a lot so the small 48 cases are perfect. I basically want to add a Braids OSC and 2 Studio Electronics filters. With the Pittsburgh 10 system wouldn’t I be able to share the mixer/Midi3 and Outs? The Braids and two filters will fit in another 48 case.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Absolutely. That’s what modular is all about.