Noob in need final test only producing click sound

Ok so my first build started on the filter board power test went fine finished filter board started control board got to the final test and I only get a click when inputing midi notes so I had a look around on the forum a bit here and some others have had similar issues so I decided to go back to the power test removed the ic’s and I’m getting nothing on the red pads and -5.71 on the greens. any help would be much appreciated.

previous experience monotron cv gate hack and a fuzz face kit

Hmmmm maybe you have swapped the two regulators ?

thanks for quick reply but no I already double checked that after reading someone else had done it and I did the power test already and it was fine the first time.

Can you tell me the voltages on each of the 3 pins of the 2 regulators?

ok on 7905 left pin -5.71 centre -6.23 right is showing 0.00
and on the 7805 I’m getting 0.01 on the centre pin and nothing on the other two at all

Voltage on pin8 of the LT1054, and on each sides of the 1N400x diode.

nothing off any of those

Maybe there’s a chip inserted backwards… or a short somewhere?

But your measurements are very suspect - for example, one side of the diode is connected to the power cable - so there should be a voltage there.

Please post photos of your board.

got a feeling it’s either my suspect soldering or possibly the power pack is not very happy it is quite hot. am I able to attach photos direct to a post here?

dude I am so sorry I just realized I made an utterly stupid mistake I had my multi meter on the wrong setting so good news is power tests as all ok bad news back to square one and left with the problem of no sound I’ll post a pic in a minute just in case some one can see something really obvious I’ve screwed up but I think I’ll sleep on it and double check every step I’ve made tomorrow with fresh eye’s probably just dodgy joint I’ll find it any tips on seeking out bad solder joint’s?

Once again sorry to have wasted your time and thank you


ok here’s some pics and here’s hoping I haven’t done anything even more stupid :slight_smile:

Not sure if I see a bridge for R2. Q1 is soldered backwards.

Try playing the 7 errors game with the photo of an assembled board.

Hopefully there will less than 7 errors!

I just spotted mistake :slight_smile: One of my transistors is the wrong way round. am I right in thinking that these don’t like heat very much and are not going to enjoy being removed?

what is 7 the average for a noob :slight_smile:

about 8 :wink:

ok so I’ve botched q1 I had to snip it from the board and then reattached with some wire bit of tape to prevent any shorts but still not getting any sound wondering how I go about testing q1 to make sure I haven’t fried it?

and while I’m here I’d love to hear of others silly mistakes make me feel better :slight_smile:

Couldn’t get anything to work on my third Shruthi >:[ all the voltages checked out ok. What the f**K?!?

Oh yeah, have to install them chips…

lol :slight_smile: thanks for sharing

all sorted over here been having a blast with beatstep plugged in