Nonlinear Labs C15

Hi there,

I just stumbled upon this. I knew that Stephan Schmidt (the Reaktor inventor) had a plan to make a hardware synth, but I wasn’t aware it has gotten this far. They say they’ll release it later this year. It looks like its going to be basically a hardware version of “NI Kontour”, which sounds really promising to me.

I was surprised that there is so little info around, especially because it is a unique concept. The stuff I found was discussed rather controversially. Seems like many were bitching about the “one knob + many buttons” interface. I think its a clever idea (if that one knob is a silky smooth high resolution encoder)

Looks nice but doesn’t sound very interesting (to me) Very much a DX like sound.

Don’t like he UI much. Reminds me a it of a Synclavier keyboard, somehow…


One knob + buttons can work, but it makes more sense to do that with a big “jog dial” type thing with the buttons grouped on either its left or right side instead of a tiny knob in the middle, I feel.

Oops, I just realised I posted this into the wrong forum… sorry.

> Very much a DX like sound.
The sound examples largely go into the direction of traditional elektronic instruments (clavinet, organs, e-pianos). On the bottom of that audio&video-page are some more modern sounds, and I find them pretty organic sounding. Not at all as glossy and bell-like as many DX sounds.
The “plucked-string” sounds are also very nice. It’s just not the typical FM sound, IMO