Non-Volatile Marbles Lock?

I really wish the locked state of Marbles would persist between power cycles.
I don’t need memory slots, I don’t need to be able to edit steps or whatever. Just retain the locked voltages+gates if the module was locked when powered down.

I have read a number of posts here, so I understand some feel this might go against the original “spirit” of the module. I’m not keen on being told how I have to relate to my stuff, but that’s not the topic of this thread…
(then again most things called “sampler” are inherently non-volatile)

I am not technically inclined enough to discuss the developmental feasibility of implementing this idea…
I am an intuitive user and I feel that the Lock feature should also function intuitively.

Falling in love with the module on VCV Rack–where the state is always retained between app uses-- I was a bit taken aback when my hardware Marbles was not the same…

The reason the module doesn’t automatically save/restore the locked content has nothing to do with philosophy.

The processor used for Marbles uses the same non-volatile memory (flash) for its code and settings, so saving settings prevents it temporarily from running code – in other words, the module stops being responsive during saving, up to half a second. This can’t happen automatically every time the module reaches a state where the loop is locked. The best possible implementation of this feature would thus require you to perform a button combo to enable saving.

I really appreciate the succinct response!

Perhaps the Marbles could “resample” itself with the External Mode button