Nominal output level for ambika voicecards

I’ve been working on a custom voicecard lately and I’ve got 3 hooked up right now, but I can hear a little bit of clipping when I play chords so I suspect the audio out from the cards is a little bit too hot. Anyone know what the nominal peak to peak voltage output is for a single voicecard? I don’t have any other cards to check with.

Which voicecards are these? Some voicecards (4P and SVF) are louder than the SMR, so you need to change a resistor in the amp circuit (R13 10k -> 4k7) to prevent clipping.

it’s a polivoks voicecard based on the shruthi one, with some tweaks and additions

Then I have no idea :slight_smile:

haha alright, then I suppose I’m off to stare at some schematics and take some measurements!

I would think that R13 is a good place to start then, if Olivier was talking about the mixer on the mainboard.

R13 10k to ~5k is easy to try: just solder another 10k resistor in parallel, on the backside of the board. Not pretty, perhaps, but easy to remove again.