Nokia 920

I want to buy this phone SIM free and unlocked, but in the UK Nokia have done a stupid exclusivity deal meaning I would have to swap network which I don’t want to do.

Anyone know of a site in the EU which will ship one to the UK?

Apparently a shop here will sell them SIM free but it’s not certain if they are unlocked. I want another option as a backup plan :slight_smile:

this one?

I found that one earlier, when checking out it only gives the choice of Austria or Germany as the country.

I’d wait a couple of weeks if I were you - Jolla (made of ex-Nokia employees) will unveil their open-source mobile OS (based on Meego) on the 21-22 of November. Afaik they will also show a phone based around this OS (which is supposed to ship this year).

I second ellu’s comment. I bought the Nokia N9 outright at the beginning of the year (Nokia didn’t officially release it in the UK and non of the operators took it on board) and I have to say that the Harmattan Meego OS along with the beautiful design on that wipe the floor with the others. Android just does not compare in terms of fluidity, design and function and Apple is locked up tighter than… two very tight things stuck together with tight glue. Windows phone just didn’t feel ‘right’ at the time, perhaps that has changed. That is just my personal opinion of course but Jolla could come out with something very special… sure the Harmattan store was lacking in certain applications and broad developer interest but Jolla may just change that.

In the end i’ve bought it on contract, there was very little difference when going for a 12 month contract. So thanks for your help.

As for Windows Phone, I like it. Bored of iOS and I don’t like Android at all.