Noisy warps?

Hello everyone,
So I’ve had warps for a few years now and ive noticed a very strange thing, cant tell if it was always there or if its new.
When i turn up the amplification on the vcas to around max, and especially with the wavefolder output, i get something that could be described as a high pitched whine coming through. It is definitely not oscillator bleed as it isnt influenced by any knob turn in my system and it doesnt sound like PSU background noise to me. I do have other modules that amplify and the don’t seem to do this.
Does anybody have the same problem? I am going to try moving it around, has this helped anyone?

Thanks in advance

IIRC Warps goes quite a bit beyond unity gain past the 3 PM mark. So what you might get is that it picks up the noise (likely some ground-bus noise) from your PSU and then amplifies it, which is pretty normal. I need to check this on my Meanwell-powered case (which is likely a worst-case scenario situation)

EDIT: I just checked and no, I can’t hear any noise or whine, not even with the Meanwell. So not sure what’s going on.

Thats the thing, i have other amplifying modules, my wmd mmvca goes to gain of 3 i think and i got a few overdrive circuits and none of them do this.