Noise release

Hi all,
i have finish my Shruthi-1 & SMR4 mk2 filter and i already love it !
I just have some kind of noise on the release, any suggestion ?
Thank you.

Can you host somewhere a .wav file? With some actual Shruthi-1 sounds before so that I can judge whether it’s at the same level as the actual oscillators sound, or many dB below?

Hello. I also have similar clicks like that audio. But if I adjust attack and release, sometimes the clicks go away.

Wrong capacitors or poor capacitors somewhere?

Thx a lot folks for your answers :wink:
Well the clicks don’t bother me so much, it more like some noise that have something to do with the envelope on the release point.(specially in bass section) If it’s a electronic component or bad solder, where should i look for it ? (on the digital board i presume ? hope it is not below the LCD screen…)
i did a wav recording with de patch 2 moof

At what time does the problem occur on the “Patch moof+more rel” file?

I did a other recording
Atk 0 Dec 127 Sus 127 Rel 120
Is the way the env fades out sound normal to you guys ?
(No fx added)

@pichenettes starts a 0:07 gets louder a 0:14 don’t you hear a parasite noise as the env fades out?
or maybe its just me…

Does it occur on other patches? When the VCA envelope is slower than the VCF envelope, as it is the case here, the VCF gets totally closed while the VCA envelope is still in the slow release phase, so during the release phase of the VCA, the VCF has an extremely cutoff frequency, and since the filter is almost self oscillating, you get a 20 Hz or less tone + background noise from the circuit. Also, it might be enough to make small objects near your speakers vibrate (I have been fooled more than once by strange “noises” that turned out to be a piece of paper or glass vibrating on my desk).

I don’t see why it would be a problem here… it looks more like something specific to this patch!

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yes it does it with most of the patches.
I am listening with some headphones…or maybe a small piece of my brain is shaking with some specific patches each time the envelope is reaching the release :wink:
ok, gona check for bad solder again…
thank you for your help

Getting a bit desperate here, i’v been checking the 2 boards for several days now and nothing is apparently wrong.
I must of done a mistake… still got some parasite with the envelope ! (i hear it more in the low range with the filter close)
I did again recording with some Shruthi-1 presets, if you listen carefully you will hear a little frequency each time a note is played,

@dadov apart from me not understanding your french uploading site, I can’t find the actual file either… ?
Might wanna try to use something along the init patch/a default patch, tell us the filter+parameters+upload a wav file,
so that people can listen&compare at home… Might be something with your setup, and not your shruthi ^^


I can’t hear anything wrong with those samples, could anybody else check them?

dadov, I fear that the Shruthi is not the right synth for you. Your ears seem to be so sensitive that you hear the small artifacts introduced by the use of an 8-bit resolution for oscillators and control signals. This seems to be the only explanation for what you report - and this is the first time I see such a complaint. The Shruthi-1 is not hi-fi, but it hasn’t prevented people to make music with it - it’s probably also what gives it its specific sound and “grain”…

It also could be helpful if you host your files at a service people can actually understand and use…

The download works here, it’s probably blocking IPs outside of France or showing an error messages about being overloaded :confused:

It just does nothing…

Can’t get it to work here either (the french uploading site) :frowning:

The captcha doesn’t work…

naaa don’t get upset i like the Shruthi very much ! just want to get rid of that annoying noise :wink: It can get really disturbing with arpeggiators in the bass section, i do insist because it sounds more like something i did wrong…
beside, when i listen to the demos on the mutable-instruments site i don’t hear that noise.
I got plenty of gear here, i am used to old vintage noisy synth & amps, i don’t mind dirty sounds & background buzz etc… to me the problem is that it follows the envelope, it’s the repetition of the phenomen that is unpleasant to my ears. (that are a bit sensitive, thanks dear)
Thank you guys for your concern, i hosted the file somewhere else

Sounds like a Shruthi - nothing unusual here??