Noise in new rack


I have a new Arturia Rack Brute 6u with Branches, Kinks, Plaits, Veils, Stages, Ripples and 4ms Listen IO. Rack is plugged into 3 prong grounded power outlet.

Added the IO yesterday and was hoping this issue would go away, but I am getting a high pitched background noise. Listen here…

I just plugged in headphones to the Listen IO and there is no noise. I use a stereo mini jack to a pro-co direct box and then a balanced 1/4" to Mic into my audio interface and the noise is there.

Any advice on troubleshooting this? Thinking of unplugging all modules and starting from th end of the ‘signal’ chain to see if it is one module causing the issue.


Have you tried not using the direct box, but using a line input on your audio interface, so that you’re not going through microphone level? It’s usually possible to connect direct from Eurorack to a mixer or interface as long as the gain isn’t set too high on the mixer or interface.

Yes, I have tried direct from ripples, and direct from the IO module - all are making the noise.

I have unplugged all modules and still hear it. Unscrewed a module and it stopped. Seems to be the mounting rails. When a screw goes in, the noise starts.

Grounding issue
You might be able to verify b y using a ground lifter on your power cord to see if it goes away

Seems like it may be an issue with the power brick. I’ll check with Arturia.

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I’ve had the exact same problem with my Rackbrute 6U case. A lot of modules also added more noise, I could hear LED’s oscillating, sounds bleeding through. Just like in your case, when I was not going to my mixer but to my headphones from the Make Noise XOH everything was silent. I was able to solve the problem with a cheap ground loop isolator box from Behringer:

Let me know if Arturia answered and what they said if you contact them :slight_smile:

I spoke with sweetwater and they are dealing with Arturia. Arturia recommends opening a support ticket on their site - maybe they will help you. I find the noise intolerable and have been using headphones or a Bluetooth speaker.

Sweetwater is working to get the part…they say it will ship in 10 days. Argh. Relegated to headphones and bluetooth speakers until then.

Got the power brick, but nothing changed. I ended up using 2 DI boxes I had on hand to a mic input on my interface, which stopped the noise when the ground lift switch is enabled. Is this normal for a Eurorack system? Is it just the particular case? I do like the case, but seems a hassle to have to bring a DI along everywhere.

Sorry to hear about your noise issues. In my experience I would answer “not normal for a Eurorack system”; I have two racks, both with home-built power systems and I have no noise with either.

That said, I have a pretty robust grounding scheme in my studio: power for audio equipment is fed from circuits with grounds isolated from the rest of my home, for example.

Good luck getting it sorted!

I use 5 Doepfer cases in total, they look pretty boring, but I’ve no issues with noise.

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Make sure everything is plugged into the same wall socket ie: large powerboard. This made a very noticeable difference for my setup.

There will however always be some noise.

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Thanks for the feedback and confirmation of a possible issue. I have my whole system plugged into the same outlet and have tested on other outlets and got the same issue. Will likely try swapping the rack out of another and if issue persists look into other options- mantis, make noise or intellijel.

I have owned several racks over time. As entry level (small solution) Tip Top Mantis and Make noise skiff are the ones that I never experienced any sort of issues (including noise) with.

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Thanks @Mattb… not sure what I’ll do now. Seems like everything is sold out most places. Is it always like this or a Covid supply chain issue + bored people at home?

Have you tried on Reverb?
I am also a moderator for a eurorack sale / trade group on FB: if you want peep there and see what is available.

Yes, finding modules on Reverb/Ebay and saw the one mantis case on Reverb through vintage king. Will talk to Sweetwater tomorrow and decide what to do…I’m sure they won’t stick me with the case if they can’t supply something else.

You were given some good case choices and then chose a cheaper option and are now making it someone else’s problem?

I chose a lower priced option which turned out to be either defective or sub-par and will be returning it. Let me say, I continue to learn a lot and appreciate the advice here, including yours. I disagree with your characterization that I’m am doing something wrong as I am within my rights to return this product, will likely pay return shipping. They can fix it and re-sell it or let the maker know or stop carrying if it is a repeat issue.