Noise generator from DCO into pre-filter signal chain?

Is there a way to natively do this? If not, would it be an easy routing?

I don’t get the relationship between a DCO and a noise generator. Could you explain what you have in mind?

To my knowledge (correct me if I am wrong) the DCO is both the LFO modulation wave, as well as can be routed into the signal path as sub osc. But, the DCO sub osc wave is static (as in not changeable) yet the LFO has several waveforms including noise (knob turned all the way to the right).

Now that I have typed that out, I can see how my original post could be confusing, and not make sense.

so I guess as a refined question: Is there a way to allow the waveform of the LFO (primarily the noise setting) through the audio chain, pre filter?

No, the “DCO” is a pulse-like waveform that is sent to reset the oscillator and get the “sync” sound, or which is directly mixed (same section as the sub). It is not generator by code, but by counter/timer hardware built into the ATmega.

Anushri cannot do audio waveform generation. The noise LFO is generated at a sample rate of 2.5kHz and would sound totally lame if directly converter to audio.

Unless you want to get rid of the drums section.

ah ok, that clears that up. Thank you. Although I do not use the drums for practical application, it would probably mangle up the hardware a bit much to go through the work of getting rid of the drums and routing differently. I will just be happy and content with what is there :slight_smile:

If you want to alter the drum section, you’ll have to do it in software since there’s only 2 parts on the board dedicated to it (rest is software).