No way to record in Play Mode?

Really, I just never want the drums to stop.

1. Recording on the fly not possible like the Monotribe?
2. Any way to use drums with an incoming midi sequence? (No intention of recording)

Sorry, super Noob.

1. No.

2. Record an empty sequence and send the external sequence with a start/stop and clock message. The drums will start.

1. Sorry! Found the answer to number 1 in the forums after I asked.
2. Thanks. I’ll give it a spin.

One workaround, if your Monotribe is modified for MIDI, is to slave the Anushri to the Monotribe. I enjoy doing this a lot, as I get the benefit of the broader sonic palette available on the Anushri but use of the sequencer of the Monotribe, which I prefer over the SH-101 style of sequencing.

Please note that the Monotribe snare and Anushri snare will not talk to each other by MIDI with the standard Anushri firmware code. This was addressed in this thread: